You get what you pay for.

January 2, 2011

While out grocery shopping the day before yesterday (New Year’s Eve) I asked my husband if we could get me another pair of maternity jeans. I only have 2 that really fit me well, and one that is too big and too short, so they are constantly falling off of me, or if I pull them up all the way they are nearly capris. I still have at least 3 more months of this pregnancy and it’s frustrating to need to go to the store and not have any pants to wear.

In the span of 5 pregnancies, I have purchased 2 pairs of maternity pants brand new. All the rest of the pants I ever had I bought pre-owned. Which I don’t mind. I have trouble justifying paying $30+ for a pair of pants I’ll only wear for a few months.

SO I convinced my husband to take me to the second hand store so I could try to find a pair of jeans. As it was, I was wearing plain, non-maternity jeans, that I have had since I worked at Walmart, as there was a cut in the thigh where I slipped my box cutter one night and sliced them open. He wanted to take me to “Motherhood Maternity” in the mall and buy me new pants, but I compromised with him and told him if he’d take me to the second hand store and I couldn’t find anything, then I’d let him buy me new pants at the mall. Reluctantly, he agreed. He much prefers to buy me new things, he’s so good to me.

We went to the store and the doors were locked. There were no signs explaining why they were closed, but we finally realized it was New Year’s Eve, so they must have closed for that. Thanks for letting us know.

So, as agreed, I let him take me to the mall. We went in through JCPenny and were just going to pass through to get to the maternity store, when he suggested we check there for jeans. I wasn’t even sure if JCPenny had maternity clothes! So we looked around and found a small section. I tried on some jeans and was unsure about their fit. They were on sale for $24.99, and I was still uncomfortable with the price, so I made another compromise with him- we’d check the maternity store and if there was nothing there, or nothing cheaper, we’d come back and get these.

On to Motherhood Maternity. We walked into the store and the sales lady greeted us nicely enough. She let me know about what sales were going on and asked if I needed any help. I declined, letting her know I was just looking for jeans. She walked to the shelf where the bottom row were $50 jeans, the next row up were $36, then $30, then $20. Immediately she grabbed a pair of $50 jeans and I said, “No, I am not interested in those, they are too much for me.” So she goes up one row to the $36 pairs and asked if I needed a large or extra large. Again, I said “I can not afford $36 for a pair of jeans- I’m more interested in the $2o pair.” Her response was pushy, rude, and hurtful. “Those are underbellies and won’t last you your whole pregnancy,” (despite the picture of the pregnant models, who looked very far along, wearing them) “and I would never sell them to anyone, after all, you get what you pay for.” My thought? Why the hell are they on the shelf if you won’t sell them to anyone? “Do you want to try them on?” she asked. “I’m not sure” I replied. I REALLY wanted to browse around and check out the clearance racks in the back. “Well, I have to get them down for you” she said with an attitude. I said, “no, thanks.” thinking that I just didn’t want to deal with her anymore. So she grabbed one of the $36 pairs, and one of the $30 pairs and handed them to me, “here, try these on and you’ll just love them.” At this point I just wanted to leave. She was really pushing me and I didn’t like it. I am pregnant, hormonal, and HAVE my 4 other kids with me- I KNOW how maternity pants fit on me.

I took the jeans into the fitting room and she followed me, saying “and come out so I can show you how they will fit the rest of your pregnancy”. I was getting ready to cry. I tried on the first pair and they were falling off of me, but the same style as the ones at JCPenny- just didn’t fit as well. Without going out, I went to put on the second pair. “How are you doing?” She called. “I’m working on it” I replied, rolling my eyes. I put on the second pair and they were bigger than the first. I pulled my shirt down and opened the curtain.

“They’re too big” I said. Without asking or saying a word she grabbed my shirt and pulled it up, revealing my belly, which I was extremely against and bothered by. She grabbed the material at the side of my thigh and pulled it, telling me “these are SUPER stretch, so they’ll fit you the rest of your pregnancy”. What the hell was she thinking? That I’m going to gain another 60 lbs or something? “Well, I don’t have much farther to go, so I think they’re too big” “When are you due?” “March” “Oh”

I went in, took the pants off, and put mine on, and opened the curtain to give both pairs to her so she could fold them. “What kind of pants did you come in wearing?” she asked. “Normal, non-maternity” I replied. “OH, so you’re still able to wear them?” “Yes, because I lost a bunch of weight with my last son” I replied, putting my boots on. She rambled on about how if it took getting pregnant to lose weight, she guessed she’d be happy being fat. I basically ignored her.

I walked out to my family and told my husband they were the same as the ones at JCPenny, only more expensive, so we should go back there.

We went back and I pulled the jeans out I had tried on and started to walk away. My husband knew I was extremely upset about how that woman treated me, so he tried to comfort me, and told me to get a second pair. I didn’t even want the first now. I just wanted to leave and go grocery shopping and go HOME. But he persisted. So I grabbed two pairs and went to the cashier. The very nice, old lady asked me to go to grab a flyer from the stack because there were coupons on there. My two pairs of jeans only totaled $49.98, and the coupon was $10 off $50 or more, so I wasn’t sure it would work, but she said “Well, we’ll try it anyway” and sure enough, it went through. So I wound up with 2 pairs of jeans for $39.98!  I left extremely satisfied, happy, and pleased. And will NEVER shop at that Motherhood Maternity again.

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed…..

December 12, 2010

OH wait, I forgot. Christmas isn’t REALLY about Jesus’ birth.

I get SO irritated when I hear that.

“Christmas is really a pagan holiday” Celebrating what, exactly?

You know what, I take that question back, because I really don’t care.

Anyone can say anything they want to say, claim anything they want to claim, and believe anything they want to believe. But in THIS house, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

TRUE- Christmas is HUGELY over-commercialized. But, what holiday isn’t? I’m sure Christmas is probably the MOST over-commercialized of them all, but I don’t believe that makes it a pagan holiday.

Yes, I decorate for Christmas. I LOVE my trees and little ornaments, and since I’ve had kids I REALLY love my outside decorations, with all the lights and blow up balloons- even one of SANTA *gasp*.

“You can’t be a Christian if you believe in Santa Clause, or let your kids believe in Santa Clause”   Really? That’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. I don’t see how allowing my children to have a handful of years that go by WAY too quick in which they believe in magic to be a sin. They KNOW it’s about Jesus’s birth. They KNOW it’s about giving, and sometimes receiving. But, they’re also children. I don’t want them to grow up any faster than I have to, and if this little lie can allow them to hang on to their childhood a little while longer, then I say go for it.

We don’t do the pictures with Santa, or any elaborate Santa shows in the house. Daddy doesn’t dress up, shoot, we don’t even have a chimney! But they believe that by some miracle of magic, when they wake up on Christmas morning, Santa came and left them presents under the tree.  And I’m OK with that.

Thank God

October 14, 2010

after 69 days they finally got all those miners out down in Chile. Things like that come close to home to me because my husband works in a mine. One that is not run by the most competent of leaders. Every day that I pack my husband’s lunch, watch him get ready for work, and kiss him goodbye, I worry. For 14 hours I worry. Granted, I don’t spend every waking moment thinking about him or wondering if he’s safe, God I couldn’t live that way. My kids wouldn’t survive either! They have to believe that daddy is safe and will be home. So far, thank God, there’s been no issues concerning him not getting home, and he’s only had 1 safety accident that wasn’t his fault- or anyone’s for that matter. A pressurized can fell and sprayed him in the eye- it was actually a freak of nature that it managed to get between his respirator and his safety glasses to get into his eye.
So other than that, he’s really never had any issues there, and he’s been there for 3 years. There’s never been any cave in’s, only one person ever got hurt during a detonation (in the 3 years he’s been there I mean, I have no idea about all the time before that).
SO I thank God daily that when he walks through that door. God protects him on that bus for his hour drive to and from work. God protects him for 12 hours down in that mine. And God makes sure he gets home so his children can scream “DADDY” and barrel rush him at the front door, barely letting him put his lunch box down before they attack him.
Thank you, God.

a month has passed

October 14, 2010

I hardly believe that it’s been a month since I posted on here. I WANT to post more, but hey, I’m a busy woman. And I’m also a very non-dramatic woman.

I’m also an opinionated, stubborn woman. If I feel I am right, very few things can sway me.

So the landlords have had a couple over here painting this house. For the most part I’m a pretty ‘indoorsey’ person. I keep to myself, I keep my kids quiet and unrioting, and I attempt to teach them to be respectful of others, mostly leading by example. I speak nice to people, say please and thank you, and am always respectful of others’ property- ALWAYS. “If it’s not yours, don’t touch it” comes out of my mouth on a pretty frequent basis; not just teaching them to quit antagonizing their siblings.

So these painters have been here for about a month or 6 weeks. The husband has left his cigarette butts all over my yard, and normally strips himself of his beer-belly covering shirt within 30 minutes of being here for my kids to see. They have used my water to rinse out their paint brushes and pans into my yard, and my electricity to run and charge their drills, and took it upon themselves to put their stuff in my shed. At first it was just one bucket and brush. Yesterday there was so much crap in there I could barely open the door.  And I needed in there. So I completely lost my patience. I drug all of their stuff out and tossed it next to the shed, brought my water hoses into the shed and disabled the water spicket, (well, without the use of a pair of pliers) then put a padlock on the shed door. They have trashed my yard and vegetable garden with large pieces of wood, small pieces of wood, and large globs of dried paint.

Needless to say, the wife questioned my husband as to why their stuff was out in the yard. He told her we needed in the shed and couldn’t get in. Now we can. She asked why we locked the door, if we were ‘locking it against them’ and he basically told her yes. She mentioned that the water hose was gone. He told her I had put it up for the season since it was freezing overnight. She wanted to know where the handle for the spicket was, he told her he didn’t know.

Later, I was in the bathroom and heard the outside water running. INTENSELY angered I went outside and told her to turn the water off. With a hint of an attitude she asked me ‘how am I supposed to wash my stuff out’, to which I replied “I don’t care. I pay the water bill, not you, so until you do, you can’t use my water.” and I came back into the house. Luckily, she continued painting, leaving us alone, and her husband came to help her finish. They just packed up their stuff and left- for good.

Now I have a mess in the yard to clean up. ARG

BFP? What is that?

September 3, 2010




So we have another baby on the way now! HOLY CRAP! 5 babies? 5!!! OMG. And if this one isn’t a girl I very well may tell the doctor to keep him LOL No, really, I’ll be happy no matter what, but I’m definitely getting hubby fixed after this one- especially if he can only make boys! HRUMPH!

I haven’t looked into getting a new OB yet, but I know I’ll be due sometime April or May AGAIN. Ah well, I’m blessed with a winter pregnancy again- can’t ask for more than that!

The stupidity that is some women amazes me

July 17, 2010

There simply aren’t words to describe how incredibly stupid some women are. A handful of words come to mind… naive, moron, idiot, brainless, egotistical, completely incapable of having any self accountability.

I won’t say ‘my friend’ because she is the farthest thing from that, however, this woman I know, this…. completely ignorant woman I know, her life for the last 6 months has been public tragedy. And she’s made sure it’s been public, believe you me. I wouldn’t know about her drama unless she were posting it in a public forum, because I certainly wouldn’t be talking to her directly about her problems.

Timeline of events- she cheats on her husband of 10ish years. It wasn’t a PHYSICAL adulteration, but she apparently would send naked pictures of herself through her cell phone to some man in another state and they would have “text sex” (how lame is that) and he would reply with his own naked pictures. (he, too, is married- BRILLIANT)

After God knows how long this is going on, she decides she’s done, breaks it off with him, CALLS HIS WIFE to “apologize” (I’m sure) and proceeds to tell her husband what she has done.

Husband is HURT. Husband is confused. She blames her actions on him- he doesn’t give her enough attention. Husband needs someone to talk to, so he finds a shoulder to cry on located on the side of the head of a (married) woman he works with. They have worked together for a long time. He seeks counsel and an emotional outlet in this woman. (Cause, ya know, the guys are always having pow wows hugging and crying together, right?) She calls it “an emotional affair” and claims it is WORSE than what she did. (How? I have no idea)

Idiot wife begins treating hurt husband like a CHILD telling him he is not ALLOWED to speak to this woman or see her anymore, and he MUST go to marriage counseling with her.

Suddenly hurt husband is a cheater, a bad guy, and abusive (?)

Idiot wife harasses woman at work AT the work place (where the manager had to be called to escort her off the property), AT her home (she stands in this woman’s yard SCREAMING at her to “come out and fight” cause she’s soooo mature like that), and when this woman is at lunch.

Idiot wife seeks advice on public forum MULTIPLE times throughout this whole chain of events, and fails to take ANY of it. She continues to be a bitch.

Hurt husband can’t take her disrespect and stupidity and needs some space, because now she expects him to want to be intimate with her and he is having trouble with this, so she’s being an even BIGGER bitch.

Hurt husband moves in with Mommy. They are “separated”.

Idiot wife then comes into the public forum asking about DATING advice!!! (are you SERIOUS?) I refuse to even read because I already wish I was in the same state as her so I could go choke her myself.

Idiot wife then posts that her and hurt husband are going to divorce. He doesn’t want to go to counseling and doesn’t want to be with her anymore.

Idiot wife finds out that hurt husband and woman at work are at lunch together. She DRIVES TO WHERE THEY ARE does *something* physical to her husband (she didn’t specify, just made stupid remarks like ‘oh, I got him good too’) and proceeds to hit/slap/push this woman 3 times! (She has NEVER said where her children are through this whole ordeal) And she blames this woman for “ruining her marriage”. (WHAT?!?!?! OOOooo- so it must have been HER who FORCED to you ‘sext’ with this strange man you met on the internet… gotcha! It was all an elaborate plan!)

Idiot wife says she’s moving out of the house. Fine. Good. Move on. Still refuses to take any responsibility for anything that has happened.

Idiot wife comes into forum SCREAMING in a RAGE that she just got a summons to appear in court because woman at work is pressing assault charges! 99% of everyone tells her she’s getting what she deserves- no matter how mad you are at someone, you do NOT put your hands on them. You just don’t! All she can manage to reply is “well, she deserved it, she deserved it” and “I can’t believe she did this to me” oh and I LOVED the “you would have done it too” UMMMM NO, I’m not an effing dumbass. Where is your accountability, MORON! My God, how has she survived as long as she has?

Idiot wife has a confrontation with hurt husband at the house she’s moving out of. She claims she kicked him in the penis because he was blocking her way out the door.

And yet, NOW she is calling legal aide for divorce help AND claiming he is abusive and he hit her “Oh woe is me he hit me”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????? She says she has a bruise on her arm from him. Oh and ONE time, he had to restrain her so she wouldn’t attack this other woman AGAIN, but he’s the bad guy because he held her down by her neck.

Everything up until that last post has been HER being the violent one. And IF he DID hit her (I’m SO sure) she never filed a police report anyway. I simply am dumbfounded that she is even trying to pull the abuse card.

I hope they take her kids away from her and give them to him and give her supervised visitation. Her violent attitude can not be trusted alone with those babies. And I hope they put a restraining order on her so she can’t go near her husband or the woman OR HER husband for that matter.

Crazy bitch.

T minus 5 days til we hit the road

March 12, 2010

from Montana back to Kentucky for vacation. Hubby is outside right now still working on the exhaust on the RV. We had to get a new muffler and it’s just not going back in the same way the old one came out. Poor guy.

Monday is congo, I have 4 pairs of fuzzies cut out and ready to sew, and people expecting bras to show up that I haven’t even started on. UGH. And dishes still waiting to be washed. I feel SO overwhelmed. There is just way too much going on… vacation, trip, 2 congos, and finishing up projects for my two friends and their kids (for free no less) and oh yeah, there’s my own 4 kids here that need me to take care of them (cause they are clueless when I’m not around).  Oh and 4 diapers I’m converting from aplix to snaps…. for free.

Fun times.

O M G WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 10, 2010

So I efiled our taxes last month and was unsure if we’d actually GET our refund or not. For the last several years we haven’t gotten it because of back taxes owed. We just finished paying off our OIC in January- what a relief!!!! PLEASE if you owe federal taxes PLEASE contact me BEFORE you pay one of these companies to barter for you. We paid a company $5000. to settle our taxes and they told us we would be able to settle for $500. about 4 years later we get a letter from this company saying the IRS wanted $5500 to settle, so please send a check. That company has since been sued in a class action lawsuit. We ‘got involved’ with the suit, but haven’t heard anything back yet. SO PLEASE- it’s EASY to deal with these problems you DO NOT NEED a company to do it for you- just email me!

We finally paid them off, but I still wasn’t sure if we’d actually get our refund or if they’d keep it again this year.

We were supposed to get it direct deposited Feb 16th. So I checked the IRS website to follow up and it said it was delayed. Figures.

So I called and talked to them, and it wasn’t because of the back taxes that it was delayed- it was because of my student loans!!!!

These student loans should have been discharged MONTHS AGO because of my disability. I SENT in the paperwork- TWICE!!!

So after several phone calls and stress and a BUTTLOAD of money for overnight shipping, I RESENT the paperwork AGAIN (with delivery and signature confirmation).

I still figured the loan company would screw around, take the refund, and then decide to work on my paperwork, which would only mean that after they cleared the paperwork they would owe me the money back, but you know, they’re a collection agency, they can take their precious time to pay you back, but want YOUR money RIGHTTHISVERYSECONDRIGHTNOW.

So I wasn’t very hopeful, and we’ve been scrimping, saving, and stressing over vacation next week, trying to make sure we have the money to go.

I took a trailer load of household goods out to Columbus yesterday- I also knew there would be a package waiting for me of diapers I have to alter for a friend, so I packed up the kids and drove out.

I pulled the diaper package out of my mailbox (cause my jerk delivery guy out there LOVES to just SHOVE packages into the box, whether they actually fit or not) and behind it was the rest of the flat mail… and lo and behold a check from the govt.

I tore it open and just started crying when I saw it was our tax refund!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST IN TIME for vacation too!!! OMG God is SO good.

Cloth diapering journey

March 10, 2010

March 2009, Nicky was still in diapers,  just starting to potty train, and I was pregnant, due in about 2 months. After talking with Scott I decided I wanted to cloth diaper the new baby. I was spending $40 a box at Costco on Huggies and there was no end in sight. I had WANTED to cloth diaper my daughter when she was a baby, and even went to a thrift store and bought a stack of “stuff” that I wasn’t even sure how to go about using. Some of them were cloth training panties- old Gerber ones, that were similar to briefs with an extra layer of padding right through the middle from front to back. They were too big for her. I tried the cloth diapers and plastic pull up panties and they dug into her thighs so bad she’d have red marks for DAYS. So I stored all that mess away and went back to disposables. I was working full time at the time as well, so it was just easier as a whole to spend the money. I didn’t have the internet at the time either.

When I decided to “CD” (cloth diaper) last year I had the internet and was able to do research on what exactly I needed to do and how to do it. I had been badly burned by an online mothering forum- a group of women who claimed to be my friends because we talked on this discussion board together- so I was steering clear of anything like that. Instead I used youtube a lot and just googled how to make cloth diapers. After a while of reading I took a size newborn disposable, stretched it out on my fabric and pinned it, and cut around it. Walah- pattern. I bought some cheap woven material and some terry cloth, elastic, and cheap thread and went about making diapers. I was so proud of myself. I made American Flag diapers out of a woven material, then trains and puppy dogs out of flannel. I was still pretty novice at sewing, but I did OK. I also bought velcro from walmart. I was LOOKING for sew on velcro, but all they had to offer was sticky back, so I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

I had no clue how to do the elastic, so I called my mom and asked her what to do. She told me to tack it down and stretch and use the zigzag elastic stitch on the machine. Sounds great! So my first diapers has sticky back velcro, and elastic on the inside of the diaper against baby’s skin.

This did not work well for long. And sewing sticky back velcro is almost impossible!!! The sticky goo sticks to the needle and thread and causes catches, skipped stitches, and all kinds of problems!

I also just bought a package of Gerber tri-fold birdseye diapers from Walmart and used them as soaker pads.

After 2 washings the velcro began coming off, as well as sticking to everything- especially the terry cloth inner.

I realized this wasn’t going to work, so I went to JoAnn’s and got some sew on velcro- ah, this should work. So I ripped off all the sticky back velcro and replaced it with sew on velcro.

This worked well for a while. But even with constant plucking fuzz out of the velcro, it was just not holding tight enough. So we started using pins. I bought a pack of gold quilt pins from WalMart- I think there were 10 or 12 in the package. They worked well for a while, but became dull quick. After a little bit of reading I found that if you run the pin through your hair just before you put it in the diaper it helps… and it DID.

So we went along using our pins for quite a few months! On both Nicky and Tommy!

happy valentines day

February 16, 2010

Scott surprised me by actually getting me and the kids stuff for Valentines day.

I had bought him a card and a box of Whoppers- his favorite. I wasn’t expecting him to have anything in return. And I’m OK with that.

However, he got home about an hour late off of night shift with several walmart bags in tow.

The three big kids each got a little basket with a stuffed animal and some chocolates in it. Then also the two older boys each got a little walmart bag with various chocolate bars in it. Sarahlynne got a pink bag and in it was her chocolates and a little gift box with a necklace and earrings in it. Pierced studs. He thought we could go get her ears pierced. Today was his only day off for several days, so I’m not sure when he’s wanting to do this.

I got a cute card with a necklace inside, and a big teddy bear, and my own pink bag with a bag of those chocolate with caramel/almond cluster treasure chests 🙂 As well as my own heart box of another necklace and earrings.

What a sweetie 🙂